High Speed Dereeler

High Speed Dereeler

Our standard High Speed Dereeler is the ideal solution for quickly feeding wire or cable into our automated equipment. With a robust design, smooth feeding operation, and consistent back tension, this dereeler is the recommended dereeler for all of our automatic fuse cutters. When used as a pair, the maximum production rate of the fuse cutter is attainable with no negative effects.


Whether you are in the automotive, aerospace, or manufacturing industry, this dereeler is a great solution for your spool unwinding needs. Its reliability and simplicity to operate, and quick feed rate make it a valuable asset to wire rope or cable manufacturers.

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Designed and built in the USA by Enter Automation. Units are built to order and can be customized to customer requirements.


Production ModesOff, Reverse, Low Feed Rate, High Feed Rate Set (feed rates can be changed by the customer or specified during purchase)
Maximum Spool Weight75 lbs (changes available upon request)
Standard Pulley Diameter6” (changes available upon request)
Voltage220-240V AC 1PH (Available upon request: 120V, 220-240V AC 3PH