Types of Fuse Cutters

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Fuse cutters can be purchased in both a manual and automatic form. The difference between the two types is the required labor during operation. Manual fuse cutters require an operator to pull the wire rope to length and use foot pedal switch to actuate the cutting cycle. Automatic cutters require an operator capable of setting up the machine and interacting with an HMI to begin the cutting cycle. Generally the automatic cutter will cut a “batch” quantity and then stop. This allows an operator to come and collect the batch and bundle it, keeping a consistent count for later processes. This pause is not a requirement and with specialized machines production can be continuous.

Advantages to each type of fuse cutter


  • Less expensive initial prices
  • Requires an operator's constant attention to produce.
  • Ideal for quick trimming and imprecise cuts
  • More flexibility for odd products
  • Easier to change over between wire diameters

Representation of Enter Automation's manual fuse cutter


  • Higher upfront cost, but cheaper long term price due to ROI.
  • Does not require an operator’s constant attention.
  • Much faster production rate (4-10x)
  • More accurate length cuts
  • Further automation potential

In a production environment, the benefits of purchasing an automatic fuse cutter over a manual cutter are clear. These automatic cutters release an employee from a manual task and allow them to work on higher value labor while performing the task in a superior manner.

Automation with automatic fuse cutters

While the automatic fuse cutter is a significant improvement to production, at Enter Automation we are also experienced with adding further automation to the fuse cutter. A fuse cutter can be built to integrate to your most laborious operations on a product, such as processing wire rope ends, welding, threading fittings onto the wire rope, or even feeding into an entire automated assembly line.

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