What are the benefits of fuse cutting wire rope and aircraft cable?

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Fuse cutting overview

The process of fuse cutting wire rope has pros and cons versus traditional mechanical cutting of a cable. When you decide to use the fuse cutting process as a way to cut wire rope, you are generally looking to solve customer requirements or improve the quality of your product. The benefits and robustness of fuse cutting is preferred for products in the medical industry, aerospace, aeronautics, and robotic industry.

For most users of fuse cutting, the largest benefit versus traditional cutting is the fusing of the wire rope end. This prevents the rope from unwinding after being cut to length and maintains the rope integrity and lifetime. When the wire rope is without insulation this is often a required condition.

The benefits of cutting cable with an electrocutter:

  • Fused ends - After fuse cutting wire rope or aircraft cable, all of the wire strands will be fused together. This prevents unraveling of the wire rope and maintains the integrity of the cable.
  • Wire ends with no burrs or sharp edges - Depending on the wire rope fuse cutting process, the wire rope could have a smooth and rounded tip after cutting. This is useful for further assembly with the cable or customer requirements.
  • Precision - The fuse cutting process can maintain tight tolerances to provide quality product to the customer.
  • Minimal material waste - There is little to no material wasted during the fuse cutting cutting process. The material will melt and wick back into each end or micro splatter.
  • Integration into other processes - With Enter Automation, a fuse cutting process can feed into additional value added steps on an assembly line.
  • Material flexibility - Fuse cutting can be used to cut conductive materials such as steel, stainless steel, and tungsten cable. Cutters can be customized to handle most conductive materials.
  • Ease of automation and production rate - Fuse cutting can easily be automated into a hands off activity. The process is also quick and can be used for low to high volume production. At Enter Automation we can customize the machine to your needs.
  • Minimal consumables - Fuse cutting uses only a few consumables and they last significantly longer than a mechanical cutting or shearing process.

Fuse cutter electrodes, one of the easily replaced wear items of the process

Electrocutters are useful in many industries

Overall, fuse cutting is a valuable tool for any wire rope manufacturer. The process offers a unique set of advantages that can make the wire rope significantly more valuable to the aerospace, medical, and robotic industries. Fuse cutting is also a relatively clean and safe method of cutting that produces little to no debris.

Further steps

Enter Automation has a team of experts in fuse cutting wire rope who have always pushed the limits of what is possible. Throughout our career, we have worked to maximize production rate, quality and consistency. We have worked with Stainless steel, steel and Tungsten wire rope with strand counts over 200. We have produced fuse cutters integrated with other production steps.

Reach out to us today to learn more about how we can help you manufacture product in a more efficient way.

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